10 top tips from a Counter-Strike pro

Ever fancied yourself as a Counter-Strike master? Ever thought about going pro? There’s a lot to consider, even once you’re among the best players around. Professional gaming’s no easy gig, and there’s far more to it than simply knowing how to aim a crosshair at an opponent’s face. 1. Get your hardware sorted If you want to compete on an even playing field, the last t...[Read More]

How can I quickly improve in Counter-Strike 1.6?

First of all, you shouldn’t get desperate and pressurize yourself if you are not getting the frags. This will only worsen your gameplay. One should stay calm and only focus on staying alive in every round rather than risking and getting frags (and I’m not asking you to sit and camp at one place). Prioritize things – First, stay ALIVE and then, think about picking enemies and winn...[Read More]

The secrets of popularity of CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, an online multiplayer first-individual shooter that is lived to tell the story two decades later. CS:GO is a team game created by Valve in August 2012. Valve previously settled the Counter-Strike arrangement in November 2000, however the game possibly worked out as intended three years after the fact when Counter-Strike 1.6 was discharged. From that point forward,...[Read More]

How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on Mobile

Counter-Strike is one of the massively popular first-person shooter games of all time and now that we are amidst unplanned lockdown having more and more time to ourselves, we at TalkEsport thought why not help our readers to reminisce old times right on their phone itself. Huge thanks to developer “Alibek Omarov” who ported Counter strike 1.6 to Android. It’s not a recreated or a strained down ver...[Read More]

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