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Download Counter Strike Free: How to download?

If you are a good lover of shooting games, surely you are or must have been a loyal Counter Strike (CS) player since its creation in 1999. Being one of the most famous multiplayer shooting games, it allows players to run it on LAN or online networks.

Did you know that…?

Counter Strike turned out to be a modification of the popular game Half-Life, created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe in 1998 and is a first-person shooter based on the science fiction genre. It was released just a year before the birth of CS, both developed by Valve Corporation.

What are the dynamics of Counter Strike?


Baixar Counter Strike Grátis: Download Grátis 2019 | baixarcs16.comThe dynamics of the game is based on player-defined rounds and is basically a war between terrorists fighting counterterrorism equipment, and the team that manages to achieve its goals or to eliminate all opposing players. However, if neither team achieves victory at the end of time, then the team that has not reached its goals is removed.
Like other deathmatch first-person games, when a player dies, he is able to resurrect and return to the game immediately. However, in the case of CS, there is certainly an opposition to most games, since if a player dies as a viewer, he must wait to finish the round to return to the active game in the next round.
The objective of each game is based entirely on the individual performance of each player.

How to download Counter Strike 1.6?

It is very easy to download Counter Strike 1.6 for free. To play on your computer, you only have to take into account the following requirements:
• 800 MHz processor or higher.
• 128 MB RAM
• Hard Disk Space 650 Mb
• 32 Mb video card
• Compatible with operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

To download Counter Strike 1.6 for free, you must do it in torrents, so only you must first have a torrent client installed (of your choice) and then just go to and download the torrent file. Once downloaded, just follow the instructions and you’re done !! It only remains to enjoy your game!




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